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Updating Your Kitchen From Dated to Modern

Whether you’re looking to update your space for the first time or refresh an old kitchen, it’s important to consider which features date your home and how you can make your space look more modern without doing a full remodel. Here are a few do-it-yourself upgrade tips from Flagstaff Builders that can give your kitchen a fresh new look in no time.

Replace dated hardware

If your cabinetry has outdated hardware, it can instantly make your space feel like it’s been stuck in the past. Replacing hinges, knobs, and pulls can dramatically change the look of your cabinets. And, depending on what you choose, it may even alter the style of your kitchen altogether.

Swap dated appliances for new ones

If you have black stainless steel appliances, they might not be the most current options out there. Instead of keeping the same old look, consider swapping out your appliances for more current models that have a sleeker style and a lighter color scheme.

Switch out the paint on your cabinets and countertops

A dark and dated color scheme can turn an otherwise functional space into a cramped and dark room, says interior designer Rachel Burkhart. Painting your cabinetry a light shade is an inexpensive way to update a dark, traditional kitchen and add a hint of fun to the design. And replacing the dark wood on your island with a white quartz surface will lighten it up as well.

Refinish or stain your kitchen floors

If the wood in your kitchen has an orange color, it may be dated and reeks of the 1970s, says Burkhart. Using a new stain or painting your floor with a light-colored finish is an easy and affordable way to change your kitchen’s appearance while making it more durable.

Refresh Your Window Treatments

Lincon recommends choosing curtains that allow in a bit more light than heavy drapes. Having these open-ended windows can make your space feel more airy and bright, which is perfect for a room that’s often busy during the day.

Removing wall dividers can also bring in more natural light and open up a space. For example, removing the dividing wall in this kitchen created one big L-shaped dining and cooking area that’s more spacious and efficient.

Create seating for your family and guests

Adding counter stools or seats at the bar or banquette can help fill up an otherwise cramped space. It can also create a focal point in your kitchen and encourage people to gather in the room.

Use the space to its maximum potential

Creating an open layout can help your kitchen function more efficiently and allow you to easily move around while cooking. It can also create a cozy gathering place for your entire family, says designer Rachel Burkhart. Including a table for the whole crew to sit at is another great idea.

Refinishing your wood cabinets, resurfacing the countertops and installing new lighting can be an inexpensive way to completely change the look of your kitchen. And if your budget allows, upgrading your countertops with a more expensive material can make an instant impact.