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Laminated Flooring and Proper Installation

Laminated flooring is made up of multiple layers of a composite material that has been fused together. Laminated flooring is virtually impenetrable for the typical home intruder but is not invulnerable. Laminated flooring provides the ultimate in home security due to its many layers of protection against the elements. Read on to learn more about why installing laminated flooring, and what the different types of laminated flooring are available.

The first layer of real wood is generally located right at the beginning of the laminated flooring, right beneath the protective lamination. This is a wear layer – a thin barrier of low density that prevents moisture and scratches from penetrating into the laminated flooring. Most manufacturers recommend that no more than 0.5 mm should be permitted between the top most coat of the lamination and the actual layer of wood. Laminates are also recommended to be installed with one final layer of melamine resin, which acts as a very effective barrier to moisture, dust, and any potential sources of attack or damage to the floor. Typically two to three coats are required for optimal effect.

The second layer of protection offered by laminated flooring is an added layer of resins. These resins are specifically high in moisture resistance, resist heat, and are non-allergenic. There are actually several levels of moisture resistance that can be attained, and there are a number of different manufacturers that offer different levels of moisture resistance as well. A valid citation needed to determine the level of moisture resistance required for laminated flooring in your home is found in the referenced product specification sheets that come with each flooring package.

The third protection feature that are typically found on laminate flooring, and which has the greatest impact on the overall lifespan of the product, is a wear layer. A wear layer is typically epoxy resins that are applied in direct contact with the lamination. Wear layers are an important part of the core durability of laminated flooring because they restrict the transfer of abrasion forces that may occur while walking across the floor. This also limits the transfer of stains and odors that may be in the carpet of a room. Each individual piece of wear also contributes to the overall appearance of the flooring package.

In addition to the wear layer that is applied directly to the planks, another layer of protection is typically applied to the top surface of the planks to prevent any scratching of the lamination from occurring. This layer will typically be a melamine coating. Laminated flooring provides the additional benefit of real wood grains that look like real wood. The grain will appear to be part of the real wood finish and not appear to be engineered. Although real wood can provide a much more elegant and realistic look, laminated flooring will still usually look more natural than real wood does.

If you are considering installing laminate floors in your home, it is important that you adhere to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Although most manufacturers recommend that planks are installed by the best flooring company in Durham, many homeowners choose to install the planks on their own. When installing your own laminated flooring, it is important that you do not install more than the recommended number of planks for each planter. Installing more than the recommended amount of planks may actually cause the flooring to collapse under its own weight.